Farm-raised fish produced annually worldwide

106M tonnes

in 2015

UP nearly 10X since 1985

Contributing to Global Food Security

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recognized in 2009 that food production needs to increase by 70% in order to feed the projected 10 billion people expected to populate the earth in 2050.

Also according to FAO, per capita consumption of fish is expected to increase and the World Bank predicts, in the report Fish to 2030 (2013), that aquaculture will continue to fill the supply-demand gap, and that by 2030, 62% of fish for human consumption will be farmed.

  • By 2050, demand for protein is set to double
  • 50% of seafood is currently farmed
  • 3.2 million tonnes of farmed salmon is produced globally each year

Aquaculture is literally an ocean of opportunity for a healthier planet and for British Columbia. With wild fish populations stagnant or declining from overfishing and climate change, salmon farmers provide the world with healthy and sustainably produced protein.