Annual landed value of BC farm-raised salmon



UP 94% from 2014

Economic Impact in BC

Salmon farming supports nearly 6,500 jobs in coastal communities and contributes about $1.5 billion to the provincial economy annually.

Local Benefits

The value chain includes growing fish at hatcheries on-land, in the ocean, as well as processing harvested fish at several locations in the province. Though BC products are sold around the world, many benefits are realized locally.

Aquaculture has the most positive growth forecast in the Canadian agriculture sector and is expected to increase 4.2% per year – increasing the benefits to the province and to those of us who live here.


There are nearly 6,500 total full-time equivalent (FTE) positions supported by the BC salmon farming industry, including direct employment (directly related to the production of farmed fish), indirect employment (related to the supply of goods and services) or induced employment effects (when the direct and indirect generated incomes are spent and re-spent in the broader economy). Employment is typically year-round and includes numerous benefits including a salary of approximately 30% more than the median employment income in the province.

Aquaculture has the youngest workforce of any agriculture sector in Canada. Young people are attracted to salmon farming as a stable career with good paying jobs and opportunities for advancement.

For more information on the regional economic impacts of salmon farming in BC, take a look at our map.